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Title: A view from France (MP3) 29th May 2015
Post by: Ognir on May 29, 2015, 07:22:31 AM
TiU Radio

What's cookin in France, according to the Ogster
58 minutes or so
Explaining this to the homo lobby
Title: Re: A view from France (MP3) 29th May 2015
Post by: rmstock on May 30, 2015, 06:04:46 AM
Fri May 29, 2015

 - There are three base conspiracies which explain and prescribe
   all other current plots, complots and conspiracies :
       1. 911
       2. Holocaust
       3. Federal Reserve
            Clip about `Who owns the Federal Reserve?'

 - France (insider view)
   Whats happening ?

   Has read and watch French media . What has happened since Charlie Hebdo?
   The Socialists (Communists) are in power. Valls has tried to
   push this. The three attackers Kobali brothers came from adoption
   parents and it smells like MkUltra.

   L’association "Onze janvier" has been erected ...

   The Onze of January , the 11 januari movement, headed by a ex
   Israeli Secret Service guy ... oops ? Real content on Charlie Hebdo
   was blocked.
   Manual Valls has hired and army of bloggers to fight the Jihadi's and
   Conspiratorali's online. According news papers its according a Chinese
   model. But it is actually a Israeli method and efffort.

   French NSA surveillance law was passed without debate in Parliament.
   before the EU elections you had Marine le Pen.
   UNP ->  UN-PS ->  UNP-PS-FN. Two months ago Marine le Pen went to
   a New York Gala. The only sound-bite the French got on Radio TV
   was that she insisted on speaking French.
   With whom did she meet in NY ? With Ehud Barack , former PM of Israel.
   Jean-Marie Le Pen back in the 80s and 90s was seen as a insane
   rightwing lunatic. in 2012 Jean-Marie Le Pen was replaced by Marine Le Pen.
   A big scene was made in the FN when Jean-Marie Le Pen made wrong remarks
   about the Holocaust. They then try to kick him out of FN. At the same
   time the House of Jean-Marie Le Pen burns down to the ground. What
   happened ? He had a cooker left burning. But thats NOT what happened
   according the alternative media. Then a month ago stories came
   out that Jean-Marie Le Pen has 2.5 million EURO in Switzerland. Most
   of it in Gold bars. They forced Jean Marie nearly out of the NEW
   Front National. Jean-Marie Le Pen is nearly 97, he is too old.
   But : Jean-Marie Le Pen is prepared to loose his family for pursueing
   his politic beliefs.
   Socialism ends when they run out of other peoples money.

   Zarkozy returns in politics. with 'The Republicans' party.
   CRIFE had their annual Gala. However Front National with Jean-Marie Le Pen
   was never invited, back then. According Roger Kruegermann head of
   CRIFE Marine Le Pen is not a anti-semite, and she can attend.

   The SuperMarket Standoff  ... strange stuff ... also in French Media.
   1. This Kosher Store/MArket was sold the night before and not
      covered by the French Press/TV.
   2. The four dead ISraelies bodies did NOT undergo forensic analysis and
      postmortum investigation. There was no proper identification
      and were shipped off to Israel immediately.
   3. The Big Black guy was interviewed many times by the French media.
      African guy and was made a hero as he stored customers in the
      Fridge. He was given French Nationality.

   For more details on Charlie Hebdo : terrific website :
   However recently The panamza Guy got Ill and has severe brain damage
   as his brain is expanding. he was possible poisoned.

 - Holocaust
   Many shows about the Shoa and Holocaust on French TV channels.
   Every time you are reminded of the Holocaust, but you can
   not question the Holocaust. The Holocaust Revisionists apparently
   have done a teriffic job and present outstanding scientific
   research. As a reaction to this Zionist Channel owners are now
   coming up with renewed Holocaust material, but it seems they
   are using manipulated evidence for this. What a shame.

 - Sandy Hook / Flat Earth
   Next hour
Title: Re: A view from France (MP3) 29th May 2015
Post by: Ognir on May 30, 2015, 06:31:35 AM
Cheers RM
Title: Re: A view from France (MP3) 29th May 2015
Post by: Christopher Marlowe on June 01, 2015, 02:16:57 PM
Great show Og.  Looking forward to the 2nd part of the show that you were going to do after you got some lunch...
Are you still eating lunch? I forgot that in Europe people eat longer lunches. 
Title: Re: A view from France (MP3) 29th May 2015
Post by: Ognir on June 01, 2015, 02:54:12 PM
Part 2
Title: Re: A view from France (MP3) 29th May 2015
Post by: Ognir on June 21, 2015, 02:42:30 AM