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Title: TiU Radio 28th Feb 2016
Post by: Ognir on February 04, 2016, 06:56:52 AM
TiU Radio
Recorded 28th Feb 2016
Host The Ogster

Audio --->

Title: Re: TiU Radio 28th Feb 2016
Post by: Ognir on February 28, 2016, 02:31:39 PM
Show Notes

France since November attacks - DBS situation

Cognitive dissonance


Roger Waters

Iman Hossien conference

Roger Waters





Gitmo ---> (

Comin soon (


Voice Training for the Ogster

Federal reserve 100 points

Title: Re: TiU Radio 28th Feb 2016
Post by: maz on February 29, 2016, 04:03:54 PM
Thanks for the update!
Title: Re: TiU Radio 28th Feb 2016
Post by: MikeWB on March 04, 2016, 10:39:41 PM
Just managed to give it a listen... I'm  terribly backlogged!

Og, few comments from the top of my head..

1) I think you're wrong on Assange. I think he's a flawed character (huge ego and driven by a personality cult) but his info checks out and he's uncovered so much. The very fact that State Department and CIA have been after him for so long should clue you in that he's onto something. Assange/WL did release bank info:
Documents:  His latest book on leaked diplomatic cables is amazing and I can't recommend it enough.

As for Snоwdеn, he's an idealist with a child mentality. People whom he gave the documents to are kinda like Assange and made the whole thing about themselves and are gatekeepers of the information. They've all made TONS OF MONEY off this data. Poitras made a movie, got an Oscar. Greenwald wrote a book and got equity in a brand new site, The Intercept. They all made money off of him.

2) "news stories posted to TiU like ZH" - I don't know who started this meme but it's simply not true. ZH almost never covers zionism or straight-up conspiracies. Since I post like 95% of threads to Current News, I can tell you that I check ZH maybe once a day and rarely post stores from there. They're not even close to being the same.

3) Hope you had a hat & glasses on and didn't carry a cell phone when you went to that Imam's talk! I'll bet you anything that that place was crawling with intelligence agents. They must have been collecting all kinds of data on people there.

4) You do sound better! She is a good teacher! I think the biggest improvement to your podcast would be an addition of a $50 USB microphone. Current one sounds like you're recording from an adjacent room.

Anyway, it was great hearing you :) I'll try to listen to Alison interview this Sunday.