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Anti-Semitic Attack on Harvey Weinstein…in The Tablet!

If you’ve read either the Tablet or my accounts of it, you’ll know it’s a piece of garbage media outlet supported by the most right-wing Likudist American Jewish foundations out there. It’s a smooth media package stuffed full of rancid content. Its writers are, like the site itself, all exterior flash with an interior that is vapid. Liel Leibovitz, who I profiled here, is a perfect example of this.

What we have here is a left-wing jew complaining that that a right-wing nut-job jew has attacked a left-wing pervert jew, who has been exposed and deposed.

Just yesterday, Jack Blood, in the first hour of his show , theorized that Weinstein was "done" as retaliation for the take-down of Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ayles earlier this year.

A few months ago, I read an article - see quote below - about that degenerate head-banging bastard, Roger Stone, and the article theorized that something similar had happened to Stone.  The theory is that Stone took down the jew, Dick Morris, who worked for Bill Clinton, so, to return the favor, Morris gave Stone his own sex scandal .

It's total perverted jew filth being thrown from right to left, and back again.

    And this is, you know, a great scandal. Roger is forced to resign from the Dole campaign. This forces Roger out of the mainstream of the Republican Party and has huge ripple effects both for Roger and subsequently for the country. But Roger also may have been dirty tricked in this scandal being unveiled through the National Enquirer because just a few weeks earlier, Dick Morris, who was a political consultant for the Clinton campaign, has his own sex scandal around toe sucking from prostitutes. And it seems less coincidental that Roger may have been unmasked as a swinger in retaliation for the Morris scandal and maybe to smooth that over, at least for there to be a tit-for-tat in the media so that both scandals would be left to the side.

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Broken toe: The former First Lady wore a surgical protective boot on Norton's BBC chat show, Monday Oct 16

Looks more like a surveillance foot clamp commissioned by Jeff Sessions
before granting travel visa to the UK. Next stop for the former first
Lady was Australia :

No, There’s Nothing ‘Jewy’ About Harvey Weinstein’s Predatory Behavior

Accusations of sexual assault and rape against Harvey Weinstein have sparked intense public discourse around abuse and misogyny in the entertainment industry ― and beyond.

Several white supremacists and even one prominent Jewish magazine, though, have latched onto Weinstein’s Jewish identity as somehow explaining his abusive behavior towards women.

White supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke called the allegations “a case study in the corrosive nature of Jewish domination of our media and cultural industries” ― rehashing a common anti-Semitic trope of Jewish media control.

“It’s really shocking to think that this Jewish pervert could be revealed to be a Jewish pervert,” Duke said sarcastically in a podcast posted on his website.

Andrew Anglin, who founded the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website, similarly wrote in a blog post that the media was just awakening to “the revelation that the perverted Jew Harvey Weinstein is in fact a Jewish pervert.”

Interwoven with comments about raping and killing women, Anglin wrote: “The Jews have made our nation into the global center of filth that they made Germany into in the 20s. ... It isn’t going to end well for them this time either.”

An article posted on, a website launched by white supremacist Richard Spencer, also used the scandal to make a larger statement about Jewish people.

“It’s easy now to scapegoat just one degenerate Jew in the hopes of the goyim not noticing the massive hive of degenerate Jews at the heart of Hollywood,” wrote blogger Vincent Law.

White supremacists also gleefully pointed to an article published in Jewish magazine Tablet by the outlet’s editor-at-large, Mark Oppenheimer, titled “The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein.”

In the article, Oppenheimer called the film executive “a deeply Jewish kind of pervert” and attempted to explain his reasoning using a 1969 novel by Philip Roth, which sparked controversy at the time of its publishing over its use of graphic sexuality to perpetuate anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Oppenheimer claimed Weinstein’s predatory behavior was different from that of non-Jewish men ― because he’s Jewish.

Oppenheimer also claimed that many of Weinstein’s accusers are non-Jews in an attempt to prove his point.

The writer later published an apology on Tablet, calling his original article “hasty and ill-considered.”

Multiple other Jewish outlets criticized Oppenheimer and Tablet for publishing the article in the first place and for playing into anti-Semitism.

“Oppenheimer’s analysis of Weinstein’s behavior in context of Roth’s once-scandalous fiction about the repressions involved in a specific type of Jewish American masculinity is profoundly wrongheaded,” wrote Forward’s deputy culture editor Talya Zax.

“Harvey Weinstein is a real living human, and his alleged sexual offenses were committed against real living women,” Zax wrote. “Interpreting those actions as an interesting living enactment of the ideas in a novel negates their maliciousness, their abusiveness, and the devastating consequences for their alleged victims.”

An article published on The Canadian Jewish News by two anti-Semitism experts said Oppenheimer and Tablet aren’t excused from being called out for bigotry.

“Oppenheimer’s commentary invokes some of the worst tropes in anti-Semitic propaganda – of the Jew raping Gentile women,” the authors wrote.

They continued: “Anti-Semitism remains a stain on our society, and it doesn’t take much to light the spark of Jew hatred. And while it may be harder to call it out when the weapon is a Jewish literary analysis rather than a spray-painted swastika on a synagogue wall, we must. A Jewish author writing in a so-called Jewish publication provides no cover, nor should it.”

Anti-Semitic Attack on Harvey Weinstein…in The Tablet!

If you’ve read either the Tablet or my accounts of it, you’ll know it’s a piece of garbage media outlet supported by the most right-wing Likudist American Jewish foundations out there. It’s a smooth media package stuffed full of rancid content. Its writers are, like the site itself, all exterior flash with an interior that is vapid. Liel Leibovitz, who I profiled here, is a perfect example of this.

But yesterday, Tablet (who Dan Sieradski once memorably called “Tabloid”) outdid itself. Its editor at large, Mark Oppenheimer, penned a short account of Harvey Weinstein’s recent trials and tribulations under the shocking title, The Specifically Jewy Perviness of Harvey Weinstein. Publication of this garbage wasn’t just an act of hubris, it was an travesty against Jews, women, and journalism.

The title alone should alert you to the blatantly anti-Semitic nature of the piece. In it, he tried to make a distinction between powerful male sexual predators like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and Weinstein by claiming that the former are goyische perv while Weinstein is our very own “Jewy perv” (and yes, he or a copy editor did use this phrase). To substantiate his claim, he resorted to a 50 year-old classic account of Jewish male misogyny, Portnoy’s Complaint.

The problem is that Oppenheimer’s not a literary critic or even an especially good reader. He didn’t bother to place this novel in any sort of historical context and accepted some of its most virulent woman-hating rhetoric at face value when Roth clearly intends for to establish a moral distance between the character and the reader. Tablet’s contributing editor appeared to have missed this nuance. The result is an out-and-out anti-Semitic rant against Weinstein, making him appear to be an avatar of a certain breed of Jewish maleness.

The truth is that there is nothing “Jewish” about Harvey Weinstein’s sins against women (and humanity). He is nothing but a garden variety sexual predator. No one knows what turned him into this: whether it was something in his background or childhood; or whether he came to this monstrousness on his own. It hardly matters to anyone except Harvey or his future therapists. But one thing is for sure, Harvey didn’t rape women as a Jew. There is nothing Jewish about rape. And nothing that separates rape by a Jewish perpetrator and a non-Jewish one. And the very notion is itself monstrous.

Oppenheim has now published a short apology which is profoundly unsatisfying and shallow. I’m not sure why Tablet has left the original piece on the site other than to be able to say it wants to leave it there to promote discussion of its flaws. But the very existence of this story online and its accessibility is an insult not just to Tablet, but to its readers and Jews everywhere.

Publication of this piece shows horrible judgment not just from its author, but from Alana Newhouse, Tablet’s managing editor. The publication has lost its way if it ever knew its way to begin with. It should be shunned by any self-respecting Jewish reader or writer.

Just to give you a taste of who likes this piece–Richard Spencer tweeted about it approvingly. When a Jewish publication earns plaudits from the likes of him you know something is terribly, awfully wrong.

 In 2015, the Wiesenthal Center and its right-wing chief, Marvin Hier, bestowed its Humanitarian of the Year Award on Weinstein after he depositing a cool $100K in its accounts. When JTA asked Wiesenthal whether it would rescind the award the answer came back loud and clear: hell no! Why would they? Their view is that whatever sins Harvey committed they purified them as white as driven snow when they took the money and used it to do “good” (as they define the word).

So what good has the Center done with the money? Built a Museum of [In]Tolerance on a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, in the process bulldozing centuries-old Arab bones and disposing of them by dumping them in landfill. Or circulating outright lies claiming that Iran forces its Jewish population to wear Jewish stars. Or promoting Bahraini princes as beacons of religious tolerance, after they massacre the majority Shiite population in their own country.

There are other Jewish organizations which wear blinders when their own powerful male allies are outed as sexual predators. StandWithUs is yet another example of this. As I wrote, it awarded then-Seattle Mayor Ed Murray its own humanitarian award last May in the midst of his own sex abuse scandal (after several male victims came forward accusing him of rape and prostitution, he resigned his position). Despite, my warning to them that their refusal to cancel the award left them morally complicit in Murray’s behavior, they went forward with the event.

One of the local political figures who stood by Murray to the bitter end was Jenny Durkan, the corporate establishment candidate running to take Murray’s place. She is a former U.S. attorney known for her close ties to major developers and the Downtown corporate elite.

Durkan also received a $10,000 campaign donation from NY district attorney, Cyrus Vance. He is the figure who overruled NYPD and refused to prosecute Harvey Weinstei, after the latter was caught on tape admitting he’d groped an Italian model. Vance received major campaign donations from Weinstein’s lawyer, David Boies, after agreeing to drop the charges.

Returning to the Wiesenthal Center, there is something deeply repugnant in Israel Lobby groups like this believing that they may ride the gravy train of power and financial largesse along with morally-tainted figures like Weinstein or Murray. It’s as if they’re saying: the good we do for Israel or the Jewish people redeems us and our allies from blame. This is moral obtuseness of a deep and profound kind. And it is common not just to SWU or Wiesenthal, but to Israel itself as it justifies its massacres, assassinations and apartheid by pointing to the great overarching principle of “Zion.” The Zionist project, as currently defined, is a supreme value; and the means to the end of ensuring its survival justify any and all acts done in its name.

This is an approach that Jews must renounce if they have any hope of living up to the values espoused by Biblical prophets like Amos, Jeremiah and Isaiah. Israel as seen in these Zionist terms is a golden calf, an object of idolatrous worship. We must not offer up our Jewish patrimony/matrimony for a bowl of lentil stew, as Isaac did when he inadvertently sold out his son, Esau, on his death-bed.
The jewish "oh we are so persecuted" mental illness makes them suspicious of the wind.  Here's an interesting story where something called a sukkah - some sort of flimsy jewish shack - got destroyed, and the jews immediately screamed "anti-semitism."  But, guess what?  It was just the wind.  No doubt, they will claim that Mother Nature is anti-semitic.

Vandals destroy Jewish symbol on campus

K-State blames bad weather, not anti-Semitism, for damage to Jewish structure

Must See, Hear or Read Videos, Audios or Books / Anybody notice much change?
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Jack Blood interviews Brian Kenny, one of the founders of We Are Change.  Anybody notice much change?   <lol>

Interview begins at about minute 62.
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Paper Crane Apothecary
A spray-able elixir we can all get behind, this protective mist uses a combination of gem healing and deeply aromatic therapeutic oils, reported to banish bad vibes (and shield you from the people who may be causing them). Fans spray generously around their heads to safeguard their auras.
3.4 oz

(currently sold out)
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She is correct when she says suggests that the elites are, if not outright causing these incidents, definitely profiting off these events. She is wrong when she concludes that we have to flood nations with immigrants.
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