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Mc-Carthy:Dean Acheson, Secretary of State 1949-1953
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You will notice the right angle of the thumb in handshake, a freemasonic handshake.

This guy is a rotton as they get. McCarthy Tried to expose him.

Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh of Iran being greeted by Dean Acheson at the Union Station in Washington D.C.

you may remember A.J. talking about Mohammed Mossadegh cia overthrow

one of the conservative establishment "wise men"
Latin will enjoy this!

1949/04/04 - NATO signed - a "vital" interest of the highest priority

1949/10/01 - "fall" of China when Mao Zedong proclaimed the People's Republic of China.

Acheson had recommended Feb. 3 that the U.S. "cut loose" from Chiang Kai-shek and stop a shipment of $60m in supplies, but Congress opposed and Truman approved the shipment.
Acheson's State Dept. produced China "White Paper" in August 1949 that was a factual rebuttal of the China Lobby and congressional support for Chiang, with 645 pages of documents blaming China's problems on Chiang, not the communists.

1949/12/01 - Chiang Kai-shek moved to Formosa and created Nationalist government.

new Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson wanted active U.S. defense of Formosa, but Acheson opposed.
1949/12/27 - Truman followed Acheson rather than Johnson, promised aid to Chiang but no military intervention.

apparently this Jackal did such a great Job they gave him a medal of freedom, what a joke

well well well what a small world! ... ent-speech

The Ellie Acheson mentioned is Eleanor “Eldie” Acheson was Hillary’s roommate at Wellesley. She is a longtime supporter and close friend of Hillary’s.

As the speech graciously notes, it was Eldie who pressured the president of Wellesley, Ruth Adams, to let Hillary be the first student in the history of the school to deliver a speech at graduation.

A classmate and friend, Eleanor “Eldie” Acheson, the granddaughter of Dean Acheson, President Truman’s secretary of state, had the idea that a student should address the graduating class at commencement for the first time in the college’s history. Wellesley president Ruth Adams quickly rejected the proposal.

Acheson refused to take no for an answer, however, declaring that she would stage a counter-commencement that weekend and that she was certain her famous grandfather would attend. Hillary, as student government president, was summoned to see President Adams in her house on the shore of Lake Waban on campus.

“What is the real objection?” Hillary asked.

“It’s never been done,” Adams replied.

“Well, we could give it a try.”

“We don’t know whom they are going to ask to speak,” Adams said.

“Well,” Hillary said, “they asked me to speak.”

“I’ll think about it.”

Adams finally approved the request, probably relying on her faith in Hillary…

Her speech was greeted with a standing ovation from her classmates, but President Adams was deeply disappointed with the message, and especially with Hillary’s spontaneous decision to rebut comments by the official commencement speaker. It was, she thought, disrespectful.


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Re: Mc-Carthy:Dean Acheson, Secretary of State 1949-1953
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one of his friends - Alger Hiss

In 1946 Hiss became president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace a radical leftwing foundation that is closely tied to espionage and actions that run strongly contrary to the best interests of the United States.

another kabalistic pose