Author Topic: October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour  (Read 4356 times)

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October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour
« on: October 07, 2011, 10:26:09 PM »
October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour:

Topics include:
1) The strange and mysterious life of chess master Bobby Fisher
2) The Economist Magazine
3) The Solyndra debacle
4) News from Norcal <--- To listen ... 423&cmd=tc <---To download episode 15


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Re: October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2011, 12:44:50 AM »

I really like how he defeated the Russians using psychological techniques.

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Re: October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2011, 02:25:53 PM »
Thanks for posting that video Bluejelly.
I watched all 6 parts. Very interesting how many chosen ones came forward and called him crazy, mean, evil, ect.
I really liked the one who couldn't understand why Bobby didn't grab all the money that he could have.

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Re: October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour
« Reply #3 on: October 08, 2011, 08:31:42 PM »
great show scorpio.  I liked the music, except for one verse of the opening song:
No more a Christian country we’ll have Pagan dieties
& When we’ve destroyed technology we all will be free
The pavement will be ripped up & skyscrapers cut down
Yes! We are coming for your children
It's kind of a clueless verse from a clueless lefty. People on the left, generally, are cowardly toward the Jews, as are people from the right. But people on the left like to bash Christianity as the bastion of power rather than accuse the Jewish terror state.  

It's like the old joke where the guy is looking for his wallet in the street, and another fellow comes along to help. The second fellow asks where the first guy dropped his wallet.  
"Down the street."
"Well why are you looking for it up here?"
"The light is better up here."

Why don't you write a verse about Jews stealing everything?
No one complains when I attack the Christians.
Back when I first heard Bobby Fisher complain about the Jews, I thought he was crazy.  Then I started finding out about 9/11 and I started thinking that isreal did it. Then I started reading WUFYS and I stopped believing in the holohoax. Then I started listening to DBS and I found out that this has been going on for centuries.  

Then I listened to Bobby Fisher again, and he didn't sound so crazy anymore.  It must have been frustrating for Bobby Fisher to be so far ahead of the curve.  

It's weird how the Jewish community will circle the wagons and act as one against a person or another group, but at the same time be in complete denial that they are doing anything. Bobby Fisher starts talking publicly about the Jews and he becomes persona non grata.  No one defends him, and it's open season on his reputation and his property.  

It's the same thing with Jews and terrorism. There are countless examples of Jewish terrorists, but they are always provided with an excuse.  Jewish actions are always righteous and reasonable. Anyone who is the enemy of the Jews is always a terrorist. That is the definition of terrorist.

That is what happens when the culture becomes Judaized: Everyone becomes fearful to speak against the Jews, and it is not even conscious.  People are deathly afraid of the Jews and they don't even know it. Then the Judaized people begin to act like normal Jews: they circle the wagons and attack the enemy of the Jews without a second thought. As a people we become like attack dogs for the Jews. We keep our eyes and ears peeled for the Jewish enemies: consciously fearful for the well-being of the Jews; but unconsciously, more fearful of how our Jewish masters will punish us should we disobey.

Bobby Fisher was on the radio in Hungary, and as soon as Fisher started mentioning Jews they moved to shut him down.  Why?  Because the people on the radio are afraid of the Jews.
And, as their wealth increaseth, so inclose
     Infinite riches in a little room

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Re: October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2011, 06:54:25 PM »
Great show, Scorpio.Definately not a waste of time, it went by in no time.
Thanks for your efforts and i'll hear you next time.

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Re: October 2011 Edition of the Scorpio Conspiracy Hour
« Reply #5 on: October 15, 2011, 11:48:54 PM »
Great show Scorpio. Hit's hard and true.

Some more details on Bobby Fischer from Texe Marrs.

34. Chess Master Bobby Fischer on the Jews:
The fascinating saga of World Chess Master, Bobby Fischer, who fought Zionism and the Jewish agenda even harder than he did his foes in the brainy game of chess. Fischer, himself a Jew, openly unmasked the Jews as an evil clique whose god is Lucifer. The Jews control the United States, Fischer bluntly stated, and are “greedy devils” intent on murder and robbery. ... 20Jews.mp3
After the Revolution of 1905, the Czar had prudently prepared for further outbreaks by transferring some $400 million in cash to the New York banks, Chase, National City, Guaranty Trust, J.P.Morgan Co., and Hanover Trust. In 1914, these same banks bought the controlling number of shares in the newly organized Federal Reserve Bank of New York, paying for the stock with the Czar\'s sequestered funds. In November 1917,  Red Guards drove a truck to the Imperial Bank and removed the Romanoff gold and jewels. The gold was later shipped directly to Kuhn, Loeb Co. in New York.-- Curse of Canaan