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Mike Stathis - Hit piece on ZeroHedge
« on: May 18, 2012, 05:37:43 AM »
via email 31st Dec 2011

Take note...unlike all other websites, we do NOT advertise. Therefore, the fact that you or anyone reads our material is of no consequence to us. In fact, we devote a great deal of time deviating from our focus on the capital markets in order to wake the public up to scam artists and masters of deception like Zero Hedge.

Our chief strategist Mike Stathis is absolutely brilliant. His ability to detect things others can not is second to none. So if you want to continue to be fooled by the manipulative scum bags at Zero hedge (whose only goal is to take your money by selling ads, pumping gold and receiving money to promote con artists) go right ahead. It will be you who is the sucker, not us.

You should be asking the jug heads at Zero Hedge why they have never acknowledged the world-leading forecasts and track record of Mr. Stathis, and have instead promoted clowns.  YOu can ask Max Keiser and the rest of the clowns that run in that circle the same thing. These lying frauds know well who Stathis is and his amazing track record. We know this for a fact. BUt they also know that Stathis speaks the truth, has no bias and is out to expose these clowns which is why they stay away from him. You really need to wake up.

Zero hedge is a joke and is run by Jewish crooks, at least one of which has been banned from Wall Street for insider trading.This is a well-documented fact.

Zero Hedge is aligned with other clowns and gold bugs, most of which are Jews. Look at their blog roll, then check the blog roll of each of these clowns and research who they are and their credentials. It's obvious what's going on.

Zero Hedge was launched AFTER the financial crisis in 2009. Like thousands of others, they are coming out now in order to exploit the anger of people.

Mr. Stathis predicted everything in detail in his 2006 book America's Financial Apocalypse and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble, NEITHER of which you have read I am sure. If you had read these books youd realize Stathis is the top expert in the world on the economic collapse and one of the top investment minds in the world. Instead, you seem to think he is on the same level as the clowns at Zero Hedge. They are a joke. Mr. Stathis advises financial institutions. Zero Hedge and their circle of clowns cater to the Main Street sheep because institutional investors realize they are clowns with no expertise or original insight. I suggest you wake up.

The fact is that Stathis has the best track record in the world on the collapse. Thus, his insights and track record should be discussed on every site you see. Yet, NO ONE makes mention of him because they realize he is exposing the scams and con artists and they know what they are.

Apparently, you lack sufficient investment and economic knowledge to realize that anyone who is not discussing what Stathis has forecast or his track record is avoiding him because they are in the business of manipulation.

We are actually in the process of writing a massive piece exposing the entire circle of clowns.

Our mass ban by the media and the gold hack crooks on the internet is just one reason why we will be charging for access to our site starting in 2012. We only want those who realize how value our insights are to have access. Of course, if the media and internet had not banned us, we would have no need to restrict our content.

In conclusion, you appear to be asking the wrong questions and raising the wrong doubts to the wrong people. Mr. Stathis is the only top investment expert on the side of the people. Do yourself a favor and check into Stathis' track record, read his books, then you will realize only a fool would doubt ANYTHING he has to say.

You need to learn how to distinguish between true investment experts and bloggers. There is a world of difference. Bloggers have no unique value or insights. Real investment experts do. They also have excellent track records. Bloggers create drama and exaggerate things in order to draw an audience to sell ads to. Our site was banned from selling ads long ago. Ask yourself why. Any site that sells ads is bought off by Wall Street and corporate America. This is a fact.

Consider this response a Christmas gift, as we normally do not respond to individuals who are not paying clients.



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I've been on your mailing list for a while and your research on jews is
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