Author Topic: Jewish Businessmen Conquering China with the “Talmud-Business Success Bible”  (Read 1629 times)

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Jewish Businessmen Conquering China with the “Talmud-Business Success Bible”

By Menachem Greenfield on Feb 22, 2012 with Comments 0

Jewish Businessmen Conquering China with the “Talmud Business Success Bible”The Chinese have discovered why everyone in the West is rich and have published this revelation in a book titled “The Talmud-Business Success Bible.”

It’s in every bedside stand at the Talmud Hotel in Taiwan. Businessmen visiting here can also read “Crack the Talmud: 101 Jewish Business Rules,” while waiting for the Kosher Peking duck.

China loves, adores and idolizes Jewish businessmen. That love is perfectly framed by this heartfelt greeting Jewish businessmen hear from the Chinese: Very smart, very clever and very good at business.

That love that the Chinese profess is not the same love that a Jewish grandson will get from his loving grandmother. That’s not even close.
The Chinese have fallen head-over-heels in love with the idea that Jews are great at business, and millions of young entrepreneurs are scouring Jewish culture, specifically the Talmud, looking for ways to be successful in their life.

Look, for example, at this title: “Know All of the Money-Making Stories of the Talmud.” Is that love or what?

One of the more popular Jewish business books is titled “Jewish Entrepreneurial Experience and Business Wisdom.” It presents itself in a screaming red and gold cover with assurances that it was a “gold seller” in America.

Some people in the sourpuss, politically correct crowd are horrified by these titles, believing that these books stereotype Jewish people. It’s true that not all Jews are wealthy businessmen. However, what is reality and what the Chinese perceive are two different propositions.

Chinese citizens are familiar with Michael Kadoorie. He’s a wealthy businessman who has Jewish connections dating back to 19th century Shanghai. Kadoorie is the richest non-Chinese businessman in China.

Many Jewish businessmen who visit China are also wealthy. With these people as examples of Jewish citizens, one can easily forgive the Chinese for their somewhat interesting view of Jewish people.

Other people, however, see this love affair as an opportunity to teach young Chinese entrepreneurs about the marvels of free enterprise, open markets and private property. These books can walk the young Chinese dreamer out of the communist state-owned industry and into a life of the dashing and suave entrepreneur.

Business success books are stylish in China today, and it’s easy to see why. Young people are bombarded daily with pictures of successful Chinese businessmen. The Chinese see these books as inspirational and have latched onto the image of a successful Jewish businessman as a sterling fellow who’s a fine example to emulate.

These get-rich-quick Jewish business books are heavily marketed in China, and the books promising to reveal the secrets of Jewish success are devoured by the Chinese in the tens of thousands. These books make up about one-third of all books sold in China.

Whether Jews want it or not, they are seen and treated with affection by budding Chinese entrepreneurs.

The author of “Crack the Talmud,” Han Bing, tells readers that he looked to “The Jewish Bible” to learn the secret business rules of the Talmud.

These secrets include:

1. Tell a customer about product flaws.

2. A partnership based on emotions won’t work.

3. Help people.

Although the Talmud is certainly not a get-rich-quick business scheme, some Jews find it amusing that after decades of buying junky Chinese products, the Chinese buy crap, too.

Nonetheless, life goes on, sometimes sideways and maybe even backwards, but on it goes. In the end, the Chinese entrepreneur meets the Talmud, and all gets interesting.

The book titled “Jewish People and Business: The Bible of How to Live Their Lives” may be influencing some young entrepreneur, slaving away on a factory floor today. Maybe that person will solve the puzzle of why Chinese shoes come with pre-drilled holes in the heels. There’s got to be a better way to sneak RAM chips off the factory floor to upgrade the laptop.

Meanwhile, back at the Talmud Hotel in Taiwan, all is ready for business. The hotel assures everyone that this lodging was “inspired by Talmud theory.” The interior is painted red to add a sense of professionalism and fashion.

The hotel is divided into six different sections. They’re called the Hilton, Buffet, Greenspan, Rockefeller, Soros and Gates. Wi-Fi is available everywhere. No “potent information” will be missed, says the hotel.

The “Talmud-Business Success Bible” waits in every room. China is changing. The way of the Tao and the “Tao te Ching” have been relegated to the museum shelf and replaced with the way of the Talmud. Oy vey!

The Jewish businessmen have arrived.

Menachem Greenfield About the Author: Menachem was previously a feature article writer for the Milwaukee Journal. He currently runs a small publishing business in Michigan focusing on books and magazines for the tourist industry. He is looking forward to writing for Jewocity and connecting with its readers. More about Menachem ... %80%9D/950

After the Revolution of 1905, the Czar had prudently prepared for further outbreaks by transferring some $400 million in cash to the New York banks, Chase, National City, Guaranty Trust, J.P.Morgan Co., and Hanover Trust. In 1914, these same banks bought the controlling number of shares in the newly organized Federal Reserve Bank of New York, paying for the stock with the Czar\'s sequestered funds. In November 1917,  Red Guards drove a truck to the Imperial Bank and removed the Romanoff gold and jewels. The gold was later shipped directly to Kuhn, Loeb Co. in New York.-- Curse of Canaan