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Normok: | February 20, 2016, 02:32:05 AM

I guess I should start by saying Im not entirely sure how I ended up at your site. Im pretty sure it was something to do with Silvia Stolz. Then I found a thread about Ary Rand/Rosenbaum and to be honest I just started digging into the site after that. Five really late nights later I requested membership and here I am. Ive been through a ton of the "Zionist Personalities" threads and with very few exceptions I found everyone that posts to very fascinating and extremely well written. I can promise without any doubt nothing I write will compare to what some of you guys have produced. If my writing was anything like my welding you guys might be in trouble.

I have been a "biblical" Christian since 2003 when I began digging into 911 - that is to say I have read the Bible and dont listen to douches like Olsteen, Hagee, and on and on. I believe it to be a work independent of man and full of undeniable prophecy. If its not for you I understand and am not going to beat you over the head with it. However, I have heard many people state that its just a work from the jews and to that idea I just cant seem to get my head around how completely unflattering it is to the jews. It probably doesnt contain a single book that doesnt condemn them in one way or another. To that end I do think there is a massive problem with jews in control of many sectors of our society. I think there is a problem that you cant question such control without being labeled nazi, antisemite, etc.  I think the whole idea that we must bless Israel is niether biblical nor has it produced much fruit as this nation in the past 60 some years has been in decline.

To be honest I dont think there are many ways out of this mess except two. Some sort of military coup where the military would arrest/convict the treasonist parties but the political vacuum left and social depravity that currently exists make this option very unlikely/undesirable. Or two wait for the inevitable fall and pick up the pieces then. Im no scholar or political genius but Ive listened to a ton of these talking heads for a few years now and were still going backwards. Sure we need to educate ourselves but with so many people just trying to make a living and the rest totally absorbed by the terrible garbage on TV and radio it seems so daunting.

I appreciate your time as I muddled through this introduction. Like I said I spent some time on the "zionist personalities" thread and thought it might be nice to have thread that outlined some trust worthy sources/individuals. I know Im new here and that might be a little bold off the get go but I struggle trying to find reliable sources of info and figured I wasnt alone.

God Bless,

Ognir: | February 20, 2016, 05:31:23 AM




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