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ISawThatToo: | August 07, 2016, 06:45:35 AM


New here. Not new to what is going on.

Been "Jew"/Khazarian-wise now for just over two years. Getting here has been quite a ride intellectually. I was born wearing a pair of Roddy Piper glasses, but as to the Khazarians, they were a bit dirty. Now they are clean, and the things that I am seeing and learning are shocking to say the least.

I now know that I have arrived at my intellectual journey's destination. A journey of over 34 years. A journey that has taken me through economics, the Bible, political science, science, some philosophy, and history. Ironically, my journey's starting point is also its destination, but on the other side of the station.

A journey that started by asking where the Nazis came from. I now know the answer to that question is from the Khazarians. The Nazis were a response, like vomit to e coli, to the Khazarian infection of Europe and Germany. An infection loosed upon Europe by Napoleon, himself loosed upon Europe by the Khazarian Illuminati induced French Revolution.

What I most would like to gain here at Information Underground is a place to have uncensored dialog with others that are Khazarian-wise. To discuss ways that they can be resisted. Ways to wake our fellow man and countrymen up to the threat within.

Intellectually, I believe, know, that the Khazarians are engaged in a very real conspiracy to, as outlined in the Protocols, takeover the world, install a "super-government," and yoke as cattle we Goy to their plows. Personally, I believe that the Judaic cult program of plunder and destruction, as now carried within the Khazarians, is a virus. A virus that has infected mankind, and stunted our development the past 2,500 plus years. Spiritually, I believe, as twice written in Revelations, that those we call Khazarians, that call themselves Jews, are the "synagogue of Satan."

The disease must be acknowledged. A cure must be found.

"I do not hate the Khazarians. I hate deceit, plunder and destruction. It then only appears that I hate the Khazarians."

An American citizen, not US subject.

Ognir: | August 08, 2016, 03:58:37 AM


giuseppepaolo: | November 21, 2016, 08:44:47 PM

In reading you, I see that you and I have a lot in common, for I am new too and following the the"Jew"/Khazarian trail.




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