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This is the FKN News guy who gets it all wrong.

The Catholic Church had the lands that were used by the peasants. People who did not own land farmed the Church lands. They could support their families and had a little to spare.  When Henry VIII came to power, he took the lands from the Church and gave it out to the lords who supported the Protestant rebellion. The Protestant rebellion against the Church was a huge wealth transfer.  It's quite obvious. Look at TV: Downton Abbey.  That is a show about a manor house owned by a lord circa 1917. It's still named "Abbey". An Abbey is a church building with nuns or monks that is run by an abbot or abbess, who is the head of the order.

This FKN News retard hates the Church, so he blames the Church for the impoverishment of the British peasants, but it was the Protestants what done it.
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