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Computational Propaganda Project
« on: July 08, 2017, 12:06:41 PM »
Interesting talk about bots and butt-heads on Twitter.  24 minute audio at this link:

Lisa-Maria Neudert - How social bots undermine democracy
Lisa-Maria Neudert is a research assistant at the Computational Propaganda Project (ComProp) and a graduate student at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII). She talks to Kim about the ComProp data memo on social bots and fake news during the German Federal Elections, which she authored as part of the wider study into the impact of the use of social media to manipulate public opinion in several countries during election campaigns, recently released by the OII. Selected as a Fulbright and German Academic Exchange (DAAD) Scholar, Neudert studied Communication Technologies & Diplomacy at the Georgetown University, Washington DC; and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science and Economics from the Ludwig-Maxmillians-University, Munich.

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Re: Computational Propaganda Project
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2017, 03:44:21 PM »
The woman, when talking, sounds like she is the sister of Sibel Edmonds
with her website now . She probably infiltrated her way from Turkey
into the Uni of Munich by removing her headscarf, upon which she
received a tenure-ship. From there it was easy.

The social bot stuff started to be honest years ago on Irc, the first
social chat platform of the early Internet, which still exists today.
It all happened a couple of years after the fall of the iron curtain
and the staged downfall of Russian communism and the KGB. If your the
devil and are not sure of winning, you convince your opponent you don't
exist or even have died. The KGB did survive in secret and got its
hands on Soros money. In former communist countries, of which Ukraine
is the sore thumb example, the social bot stuff, the hacker guild and
trade craft of zeroday exploits is thriving like never before.  Irc
became outdated, and the bot engines in c-source and Tcl scripts were
migrated to the new social media platforms, like Facebook, twitter etc.
Google got into the mix with their unlimited resources of knowledge of
people and companies (retrieved legally of illegally) and invested
heavily in artificial intelligence.

Twitter has been accused of giving the artificial bots nearly unlimited
access, where in the process many accounts get closed down, in many
cases unjustified, as the twitter account had a real life user. The
solution is simple, make several telephone lines available so that the
disgruntled or even terminated twitter user at least can voice his or her

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