Author Topic: Kiwi girl slays Aussie jew  (Read 236 times)

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Kiwi girl slays Aussie jew
« on: August 13, 2017, 10:54:28 AM »
Amusing audio from New Zealand.  A Kiwi girl interviews John Safran, an Aussie jew who, of course, is stirring the shit about identity politics, race, religion, etc., etc.  But, she, and her audience, don't let him get away.

The fun starts at about 10:00, when she suggests that he's making stuff up.

Later, at about 12:30, it comes out that he's jewish, and she suggests the "danger is exaggerated," and goes on to say "All this anti-Islamic feeling...does that take the heat off you guys, the jews?" 

At about 24:00, she talks about both the Koran and the Torah being bloodthirsty, and she asks "Why does the torah get a pass?"  He responds by saying that the jews won't get violent until the Messiah comes  <:^0 :lmao:  and then he brags about jews being willing to accept criticism.   <:^0 :lmao:  Obviously, he's talking about critical talk amongst jews, and doesn't know anything about the "anti-semitism" weapon.

Finally, at about 30:00, it really gets good, when she says "There are people shouting at me, like this one `He obviously hasn't read the torah.'"  He is then forced to admit that there are extremely violent jews in Israhell.   :lmao:

Good to hear stuff like this on mainstream radio.