Author Topic: Bannon-zionist lovefest  (Read 265 times)

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Bannon-zionist lovefest
« on: September 02, 2017, 09:36:59 AM »
Steve Bannon to Speak at ZOA Gala     
  “Steve is one of the best friends that Israel has had in any administration,” said Arthur Schwartz, external political and policy adviser to ZOA. “We're honored that he accepted our invitation."

And, you thought he was on YOUR side, now didn't you?  Come on, admit it.  Finally, you thought, "we've got one of our own - a real "anti-semite" - in the White House."  Come on, admit it...admit that you've been fooled.   <:^0

But, look at all the "hate" he spread, which led to all of your favorite websites and voices and books being de-funded, de-listed, de-monitized, de-etc.  Wonder if, after all the hugging and kissing is done at this big zio-love-fest, your buddy Bannon will tell the jews to return your "free speech" to you. 

Ain't that clever how they did that?   <:^0 :lmao: 

But, shit-for-brains shabbos goy Donnie-boy is going to straighten it all out, isn't he, with a magical executive order that is going to protect all those "anti-semites," isn't he?   :lmao: