Author Topic: jews plot Anglo-Indian PM in Brexit Britain  (Read 172 times)

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jews plot Anglo-Indian PM in Brexit Britain
« on: November 08, 2017, 01:12:21 PM »
In Britain, there is an Anglo-Indian pro-Brexit Tory MP named Priti Patel.
Indian-origin politician Brexiter Priti Patel makes the cut in Theresa May's new look cabinet

The jews got caught plotting to install her as Prime Minister.  She got caught having secret meetings with Israhell, and, no doubt, these meetings took place with both parties ambitious for her to be Britain's first "non-white" Prime Minister.  Just what the Brexiters want, of course. 

Priti Patel's cabinet future in doubt over Israel trip row

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Re: jews plot Anglo-Indian PM in Brexit Britain
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2017, 12:52:14 AM »
The Priti Patel Fiasco

When Priti Patel, then the UK’s International Development Secretary, flew to Israel in August for a family holiday; she would never have anticipated the political firestorm that was to occur when she returned.

The reason for it was really very simple.

Patel decided – on the urging and active connivance of the Honorary President of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobbying group Lord Polak – to attend twelve meetings with Israeli government officials during her twelve day holiday. (1) Or put more simply; Patel was less holidaying in Israel and more seeking to advance her political career by making alliances with powerful jewish interests that would back her campaign for leadership of the Conservative party and if successful help her campaign during a general election.

These meetings – which jewish communal media outlets in Britain were quick to allege were ‘with the consent’ of the British government (2) but yet failed to point out that this was explicitly contradicted by the Foreign Office itself – (3) were with senior members of the Israeli government including the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (4)

The most controversial however was her meeting with IsraAID – which occurred in the Israeli home of British jewess Hilda Worth of the ‘Jewish Leadership Council’ - about donating large amounts of UK taxpayer money to the organisation so that the IDF wouldn’t have to foot the bill for providing medical aid to so-called ‘Syrian refugees’ (read: wounded jihadis) and pledged that Britain would foot the bill for Israel’s domestic policies instead. (5)

This is obviously treason and Patel was very lucky to get off with simply being allowed to resign. (6)

Likely this is both because Theresa May’s already pro-Israeli government wants this scandal to ‘go away’, but also because Patel is being protected from being arrested and put up against the proverbial wall by powerful jewish organisations like that headed by the jew Lord Polak. (7)

The fact that Patel is still going hell-for-leather in support of Israel at events organised by her friends in the Israel Lobby rather than just retreating into relative anonymity for a few years gives further support for this assertion. (8) It also turns out – as Adam Ramsay has pointed out – (9) that Patel has been a prostitute to lobbies and vested interests – such as Israel’s lobby – for the entire span of her political career.

Yet the Priti Patel fiasco is an unmitigated public relations disaster for the lobby – as they themselves have openly lamented – (10) and provided further evidence that the Israel Lobby is losing its grip on power, because of the increasing visibility of its tentacles.


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