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maz: | November 09, 2017, 01:32:51 PM

Considering that Hollywood is finally being exposed as practically entirely Jew-run industry that preys on gentile women and children, you may find it strange that Hollywood critics are still complaining about Mel Gibson angrily having said truthful things about Jews.

As you read April Wolfe (probably Jewish) complaining about Gibson, consider that Gibson's co-star Mark Wahlberg was actually charged with attempted murder for beating an old Vietnamese man with a wooden club to the point of unconsciousness. Nowhere is that mentioned by Wolfe.

Hey, Hollywood, How About Not Casting Mel Gibson in Cheery Family Comedies

Why is Mel Gibson in the holiday family comedy Daddy’s Home 2? When Gibson’s relentlessly bloody, morally incoherent 2016 film Hacksaw Ridge inexplicably became a critical darling, I watched in horror at the love and attention lavished on the director. In what world were we living where, when Gibson’s name appeared in the public record, it didn’t automatically come with an asterisk? Nick Kroll and John Mulaney joked in their 2017 Spirit Awards monologue, “People wondered, ‘How long would it take Hollywood to forgive someone for anti-Semitic, racist hate speech?’ The answer? Eight years.”

Here’s who Daddy’s Home 2 invites families to laugh along with. In 2006, as you’ll recall, Gibson had been arrested for a DUI, where he verbally berated the officers, told them he owned Malibu and would “fuck” them, called the female cop “sugar tits” and espoused his belief that Jews have ruined the world. If this were an isolated incident, it’d be difficult enough to come back, but at least Gibson would be able to blame his outbursts on alcohol, as so many other toxic men have and continue to do.

In 2011, Peter Biskind found a large handful of industry people willing to go on the record to defend Gibson for his Vanity Fair article “The Rude Warrior.” Some sources speculated the incident in Malibu was prompted by Gibson’s wife leaving him, that it wasn’t actually hate speech but instead a way to provoke the police into shooting him and ending his life. Sure, OK. Maybe I can buy that.

But Biskind counters that theory by reporting other stories of Gibson’s warped and hateful views, such as Winona Ryder’s encounter, where Gibson called Ryder an “oven dodger,” a hideous reference to the Holocaust — the kind of remark we now expect from alt-right white supremacists. Gibson also confessed on a recording to punching a girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, knocking out her two front teeth while she was holding their child. He also said on that tape that for dressing provocatively she deserved to get raped by a “pack of n———s.”

There is anger, and there is alcoholism, both of which a person can work through with hard, ongoing effort. And then there is a complete and total lack of respect for other humans who aren’t your high-powered friends, which is much more difficult to overcome. So I return to my original question: Why is Mel Gibson in Daddy’s Home 2?



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